Have you ever picked up a book to read because the front cover caught your eye? Or spent far longer than you intended to spend exploring a website? Good design can lead to greater engagement by the learners with the material. The aesthetic decisions you make in your course can be a powerful tool to increase learner’s motivation to engage the material. 

Good design is about more than just making the content look good. You also want to consider the perspective of the learner and think about how they will approach the content. What navigation features would be of benefit to them as they work through the content? What organizational pattern would be the most intuitive for them?

Another important component of motivation is thinking about how the content connects with the student’s life. What aspects of the content will be most relevant to them? What aspects will be most applicable? Learners who connect to the content because they can see how it will benefit them will be more motivated to engage with and learn the material.