How to Set Up Moodle Books

How to Set Up Moodle Books

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When you are designing an online course, you might know that you are going to have a Moodle book on a certain topic, but you don’t have all of the content to write in the book right away. Sometimes it is helpful to set up placeholder pages in the book when you are doing your initial course development work and then you can come back and fill in the content later.

The best way to start is to ask the subject matter expert on your design team to give you a short outline of the major topics that will be covered in the book. Then you can use their outline to create some placeholder pages. For example, suppose the subject matter expert tells you that the book will cover three major topics, and that the third topic will be split into three subcategories.

  • Topic A
  • Topic B
  • Topic C
    • Subtopic 1
    • Subtopic 2
    • Subtopic 3

If you are using a Horizon template course, all you need to do is open one of the placeholder books in the template and start to add some placeholder pages. Once you click the link to open the book and turn editing on, you will see a Table of Contents on the left side with a “Chapter Title” page and a “Subchapter Title” page.

Let’s say that you want to rename the “Chapter Title” page as an introduction page, so you need to add pages for each of your major topics. If you click on the plus sign next to “Chapter Title,” it will bring up a page where you can add a new chapter. Give it a title (“Topic A”), and write something in the content box (even if it’s just “xxx”). Then click “Save changes.” Do the same thing to add chapters for “Topic B” and “Topic C.”  You can rename the “Subchapter Title” page “Subtopic 1.” Then, you can click on the plus sign next to it to add two more subchapters for “Subtopic 2” and “Subtopic 3.” As with the chapter pages, you will need to type in a title and something in the content page. Whatever you type in the content page for now, you can need to come back and replace with the actual lesson content later.

TIP: Underneath the title on each page of the Moodle book is a checkbox that says “Subchapter.” Checking that box will indent any page under the previous page as a subchapter. You will not see this option on the first page you create in a new Moodle book, but it will be an option on the second and following pages.

TIP: If you are not using a template course, you will first need to add a book from the “Add an activity or resource” menu. Give the book a name, then click “Save and display.” You will then be prompted to add a new chapter. Give the chapter a title (“Topic A” in our outline above) and type something in the content box (even if it’s just “xxx). Then click “Save changes.” Once you have your first page created, you’ll be able to add additional pages following the same directions as above.

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